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Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Committed to safeguarding our customers

Betfair has never been afraid of doing things differently. Innovation, transparency and fairness for the customer are values that continue to underpin the business. However, corporate responsibility (CR) isn’t something we have talked enough about over the years. And that’s because for us being a good corporate citizen is simply part of business as usual for Betfair. But we realise that we should talk about it more and we will do that now.

Betfair takes a pioneering approach to some of the difficult issues gambling can pose for the business and society as a whole. Betfair recognises that where you have gambling you will have some problem gambling. It is this acknowledgement that ensures Betfair enshrines responsible gambling policies into everything it does.

From safeguarding our customers by offering the latest tools to help them control their gambling, to managing the social impact of problem gambling, Betfair helps to protect its customers across all platforms. We engage with and financially support a wide range of organisations to help ensure that the research, education and treatment of problem gambling continues to be improved. Only with a collaborative approach between the industry, national gambling regulators, charities and educational institutions can we help ensure an improved understanding of how to prevent and treat problem gambling.

Corporate Responsibility Committee

The Corporate Responsibility Committee is responsible for ensuring the Company fulfils its four core values towards its customers. The Committee meets on average four times a year and reviews Betfair’s policies and advises the Board on social, ethical and environmental matters. Among other matters, the Committee is cognisant of external feedback and reviews received in respect of community investment and that those are among the factors used to develop appropriate procedures.

Members of the CR Committee ordinarily include:

  • Gerald Corbett (Chairman)
  • Ian Chuter – Group Operations Director
  • Lisa Hillier – Human Resources Director
  • Ross Lane – Group Financial Controller
  • Fiona Russell – Chief Legal Officer


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